"Send In The Clowns"
SVU, Episode 19.17
Production number: 19017
First aired: 21 March 2018
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Written By
Julie Martin & Brianna Yellen

Directed By
Alex Chapple


The Special Victims Unit scour New York City to find a masked man that kidnapped a girl on a school trip. Also, Fin and Stone both get visits from family members.




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Olivia: [about Haley Sadler] Okay, look, she is 16 years old. Best-case scenario is, she met a guy and she lost track of time. Worst case, let's not go there.

Olivia: I can assure you that we are doing everything in our power.
Chris Sadler: Not good enough. I... I want you to promise us that you'll find her.
Rollins: We wanna be realistic. We ask you to hope for the best, but prepare...
Chris Sadler: No, I'm not preparing for anything, all right? Haley needs me. She needs me to keep believing that she's alive. I'm the one keeping her alive. The only one.

Stone: [to Olivia] Are you always this persistent?
Olivia: Wait 'till you get to know me.

Rollins: I mean, Beaver Falls is six hours away.
Carisi: The way you drive, we can make that in four.

Haley Sadler: James is my real father. It makes perfect sense.
Olivia: What?
Haley: I've always felt this connection. We both love music and art. We're alike. I played the Hammerklavier when I was 12. I knew my father couldn't be a garbage man. I just knew it.

Stone [to Olivia about James Turner] He had no idea Haley was his daughter?
Olivia: No, he didn't, and neither did Haley.
Stone: So, how...
Olivia: It's called genetic sexual attraction. When a father and daughter don't grow up in the same household, and then they meet as adults... it can happen.
Stone: What do you do?
Olivia: You recommend the best therapist you know, and you... pray to God that they can work through it.

Background Information and Notes

  • Benjamin Stone's daughter Pamela, who was first mentioned in the Law & Order season three episode "Skin Deep", makes her first appearance.
  • Fin's birthday is celebrated at the beginning of the episode.
  • Ken and Alejandro have succeeded in adopting a child, a boy named Jaden.

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