Law and Order

Detective Serena Stevens is the replacement for Megan Wheeler as Det. Zack Nichols partner in the Major Case Squad on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.


Early life

Stevens briefly lived in Islamabad as a child with her father who was a U.S. Marine officer stationed at the American Embassy. While there she learned to read Urdu and Arabic. (CI: "Loyalty (2)")

During her High School Years, Stevens attended four different schools in three countries and was always labelled as the new kid. (CI: "Love on Ice")

Police Force

Before transferring to New York's Major Case Squad, Stevens was with the Chicago Police Department.

Stevens transferred to New York's Major Case in 2010, she was Captain Danny Ross' last hire before he was killed. She is partnered with Zach Nichols and works under the command of Captain Zoe Callas.

Stevens' sense of humor keeps things light, but there are many layers to her psyche. So she secured Detective Nichols trust and admiration on the MCS team in no time.

Personal life

Stevens is a baseball fan (CI: "Love on Ice"), her favorite team being the Chicago White Sox. (CI: "The Mobster Will See You Now") Stevens has a daughter named Kira who is eight years old.


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