Sharon Harris
Sharon Harris watching a video of her lover
Name Sharon Harris
Affiliation Big Apple Aggressives
Occupation Bouncer
Status Alive
Actor Kate Udall
First Appearance "P.C."

Sharon Harris is the lover of Alisa Davies, a lesbian who was raped and murdered by Ronnie Watley.


A bartender at a popular lesbian bar called the Kitty Korner revealed that Harris was a bouncer at the bar, and is also the leader of a militant lesbian-rights gang called Big Apple Aggressives. The revelation of her general hostility and quick temper, not to mention a pet name she made girls call her during intimate moments, lead the detectives to suspect she might be a prime suspect in her lover's murder.

When Stabler spotted her at a rally held by the group LesBeStrong, he called her by that name, which sparked a fight and a subsequent arrest, as well as a near riot. During Benson's interrogation of her, she admitted that she did have a problem with her temper, and was seeking counseling in the hopes of dealing with it. However, in the middle of the interrogation, Detective Tutuola interrupted her and revealed that another lesbian was attacked. Needless to say the charges against her were dropped. (SVU: "P.C.")

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