Shawn Colway
Name Shawn Colway
Affiliation Jack Driscoll (formerly)
Occupation Bar owner
Pathology Mob associate
Family Unnamed wife (deceased)
Vanessa Colway (daughter)
Status Alive
Actor Jack McGee
First Appearance "The Last Street in Manhattan"
Shawn Colway is a bar owner who owed mobster Jack Driscoll $70,000, his daughter Vanessa was also the brief girlfriend of millionare David Kellen.


Shawn was at his bar when he was approached by Jack, who falsly believed that he had informed David of Jack's actions on Sultan Foods, Jack beats Shawn while while Jack's henchman stays near him. Shawn talks to Vanessa after getting beat, showing confusion of why Jack believed he was a snitch. What Shawn didn't know was that Vanesa was the one that snitched on Jack.

Shawn is approached at his bar by Detectives Goren and Eames, who came to find the security camera footage of the bar to see if Vanessa's alibi of being at Shawn's bar was true. Shawn reinforces Vanessa's alibi as he says that Vanessa was at the the bar every Sunday, moments later, a bartender comes and tells Shawn that a woman named Joanne quit but Shawn tells the bartender to leave as he is talking to the police and the bartender leaves. While going to the security room Shawn also says how he felt bad for David due to him being dead, notably just refering to him as "the guy that got shot" rather than the boyfriend of his daughter. Shawn tells the detectives how Vanessa was happy while being with David and says how Vanessa was devastated when David died when asked by Detective Eames. Shawn shows the detectives the video footage of the bar, proving Vanessa's innocence.

After the interview Shawn had he finds Vanessa in the pantry crying about David's death, blaming herself for David's death to which Shawn asks how Vanessa could be involved in David's death. When Vanessa doesn't answer Shawn gives Vanessa advice that she should stick to home.

Shawn is interviewed once again by the detectives, who try to get a motive of killing David from Jack, Shawn lies however and says that Jack's name seemed vague to him. After a brief talk with the detectives Detective Eames asks Shawn how much he had owed Jack, to which, after a bit of hesitation tells them that he owed Jack seventy grand. However, Detective Goren tells Shawn that Jack said that Shawn owed no money to him and Detective Eames asked Shawn who was lying to which Shawn says that he is "no snitch" to the detectives and leaves.

Shawn is mentioned by Detective Goren during one of the latter's therapy sessions with Dr. Paula Gyson where Detective Goren shows anger for Shawn not doing anything while Vanessa had been doing everything for him, describing Shawn as a drunk.

The detectives realize that Jack used people's loved ones as leverage in order to get away with his brutal crimes so the detectives fake Shawn's murder, even going so far as the have a crime scene and police officers around the bar while Shawn was actually in a prison cell. With Shawn, the only loved one of Vanessa "dead" Vanessa snitches on Jack out of grief which causes Jack to get arrested. Vanessa is reunited with Shawn when the detectives bring her to the cell in the police station and Shawn gets released from his cell where Shawn hugs Vanessa, Vanessa hugs Shawn, crying. (CI: "The Last Street in Manhattan")

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