"She Paints For Vengeance"
SVU, Episode 21.11
Production number: 21011
First aired (US): 16 January 2020
First aired (UK): 11 February 2020
First aired (CAN): 16 January 2020
First aired (AUS): 30 July 2020
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Teleplay By
Kathy Dobie

Story By
Kathy Dobie & Julie Martin

Directed By
Mariska Hargitay

Summary[edit | edit source]

After a sexual assault investigation is stalled for months, a woman puts her accusations against a popular athlete on a billboard.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After Markeevious was arrested and taken to trial, his attorney Elana Barth was rough with Monica, often trying to trigger her anger. This worked in their favor, as more victims of Markeevious came after Monica gave a speech.

At trial, Monica details her rape but Markeevious' lawyer rebukes some of her statements, as Carisi objects but is unable to say much.

That night, Carisi begins to worry that he might not be able to get a conviction before Benson approaches him and tells him not to give up because he worked hard to be a A.D.A. and tells him to keep going.

The next day, Carisi appears in court with a renewed attitude and has Monica take the stand. He has her go over the rape and what has happened so far. Monica then makes a scorning remark at Markeevius and manages to get Markeevious to take the stand, where he is questioned by Carisi.

Markeevius plays off his encounter with Monica, saying its just another fling that he's used to as a celebrity. Carisi then probes further by asking what happens if a woman says no, Markeevius says that if they refuse then he gives more money. However, Carisi asks him what happens if they actually say refuse him and his money, Markeevius then snapped and confessed to raping Monica by saying nobody says no to him. As a result, the court begin to consider Markeevious' personality while a satisfied Carisi says nothing further. The verdict is given and Markeevius is found guilty, something that delights Monica.

At the end, Monica thanks Benson and Carisi for helping her, by making a mural to them. Monica explains the keys symbolize Markeevius' sentence and Carisi deserves wings for delivering justice.

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"She Paints For Vengeance"
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