"Sheltered Outcasts"
SVU, Episode 17.19
Production number: 17019
First aired: 30 March 2016
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Written By
Ed Zuckerman

Directed By
Mariska Hargitay


Detective Carisi goes undercover at a homeless shelter to determine if one of its sex offender residents is the suspect in a string of neighborhood rapes.


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Sonny: I think if they get 20 years, they're getting off too easy. But when you sit down with them, play dominoes, you wonder, are they the same guy 20 years later they were when they went in?
Fin: A lot of things are changing around here. I mean, Rollins got a baby, you got a baby.
Benson: You want a baby? [pauses] You want a life?
Fin: This is my life.
Sonny: Hey, Richie, I wish I could say I never doubted you.
Richie: Yeah, well, I'm a convicted rapist. My whole life, people are gonna doubt me.

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Spuyten Duyvil Shelter
18 Cumming Street
Monday, March 14

Spuyten Duyvil Shelter
18 Cumming Street
Tuesday, March 15

Apartment of
Sharon Caskey
651 West 204th Street
Wednesday, March 16

4 5 6

307 Dyckman Street
Wednesday, March 16

New York State
Parole Office
Manhattan Division
314 West 40th Street
Thursday, March 17

Arraignment Court
Part 12
Monday, March 21

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"Sheltered Outcasts"
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Season 17
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