"Sheltered Outcasts"
SVU, Episode 17.19
Production number: 17019
First aired: 30 March 2016
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Written By
Ed Zuckerman

Directed By
Mariska Hargitay

Summary[edit | edit source]

Detective Carisi goes undercover at a homeless shelter to determine if one of its sex offender residents is the suspect in a string of neighborhood rapes.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Mary Colten arrives home later in the night and suddenly when she was opening her house door a hooded man came from behind and raped her. SVU arrives to the scene and a Mary's neighbors couple told Olivia Benson that it is the third case of sexual attack in that neighborhood since a sex offender shelter moved close by. Carisi was living in that shelter undercover and became Caskey's friend. In a regular group therapy at the shelter, Caskey shows up later than usual rushing and carrying good news, he got hired at a radio station. In that frame of time, Robin Daughtry, the shelter's therapist gets raped and murdered by a hooded man who was identified by her because she could take his mask off and saw her attacker's face, leaving him no other option than kill her, in order of not being caught. Because of Caskey's delay to the meeting, fingers are pointing at him as the responsible of Robin's rape and death, Carisi was shocked because he saw on Caskey a good man and a successful case of recovery.

After that, all the facts against Caskey are presented, and Benson orders his arrest and Carisi, himself, went to do it. Caskey couldn't believe that his friend "Smithie" was really an undercover cop, he was taken to the SVU headquarters for interrogation, where Zimmerman was waiting for him to assist. Benson and Mary walkout the office with the latter apologizing for not being of proper help, as Benson consoles her on trying. Thomas Zimmerman arrives as Carisi is dealing with Caskey. Zimmerman reprimands Carisi for his actions, as Mary starts to react at hearing them talk. Benson has Carisi take Caskey and Zimmerman away for questioning, while a shaking Mary identifies one of the voices as her rapist and tells Benson that it is not Caskey but the other one.

Carisi and Benson tell Caskey and Zimmerman that cameras caught sight of Robin Daughtry's attacker, with some of her valuables taken. They are getting a warrant to search Caskey's house, with Zimmerman telling Caskey that he will be there for his wife.

Benson has officers raid Caskey's house, despite Zimmerman's protests. Detectives locate and bring the evidence to the precinct, as they speak to Caskey and Zimmerman. Caskey asserts his innocence, as Zimmerman tells him that he will defend him. Carisi and Benson tell the perpetrator to get up and he is under arrest. Caskey starts to stand but Benson makes it clear that they're talking to Zimmerman. The protesting Zimmerman is arrested, while Caskey is confused about the events. Soon Caskey is updated on the situation and is surprised his own lawyer committed the crimes, while knowing sex offenders will be blamed. Carisi tells him how Caskey’s wife helped catch him in the act and says that he wishes he didn’t doubt him. Caskey forgives it and says with his background it shouldn’t be a surprise.

In court, Zimmerman is convicted of one count of murder in the first degree and three counts of rape in the first degree. This is watched by Sofia and her father as well as Mary. The Judge remands Zimmerman to Rikers where is he certainly to be welcomed by his former clients. After Zimmerman is taken away, Loomis is arrested for raping women near the shelter. Fin and Carisi note they got two for one.

After the arraignment, Carisi fumes to Rollins about those like Richie who are not trusted by anyone anymore even if they sincerely reformed. To help him distract himself, she offers him dinner at her house to which he accepts.

Benson speaks with the Nomaks family who thank her for catching the culprit. Tom apologizes for going out after Carisi, not knowing that he was a cop. Benson let him off the hook because at least his heart was in the right spot and wish them luck.

Finn tells Benson to his son and son-in-law have set him up for a date at the dinner.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Sonny: I think if they get 20 years, they're getting off too easy. But when you sit down with them, play dominoes, you wonder, are they the same guy 20 years later they were when they went in?
Fin: A lot of things are changing around here. I mean, Rollins got a baby, you got a baby.
Benson: You want a baby? [pauses] You want a life?
Fin: This is my life.
Sonny: Get up, you're under arrest. Get up. [Caskey gets up]
Benson: Not you. You.
Zimmerman: What?!
Sonny: You heard her. Get up.

Richie: My lawyer raped outside of shelters because he knew sex offenders would get the blame?! That's insane.
Sonny: Yup, its pure sociopathic.

Sonny: Hey, Richie, I wish I could say I never doubted you.
Richie: Yeah, well, I'm a convicted rapist. My whole life, people are gonna doubt me.

Rollins: You don't seem surprised that he might have done something.
Felicidad Flores: 20 years, 400 cons, if one of them turn into a mermaid, that might surprise me.

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Episode scene cards[edit | edit source]

1 2 3

Spuyten Duyvil Shelter
18 Cumming Street
Monday, March 14

Spuyten Duyvil Shelter
18 Cumming Street
Tuesday, March 15

Apartment of
Sharon Caskey
651 West 204th Street
Wednesday, March 16

4 5 6

307 Dyckman Street
Wednesday, March 16

New York State
Parole Office
Manhattan Division
314 West 40th Street
Thursday, March 17

Arraignment Court
Part 12
Monday, March 21

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