L&O, Episode 20.10
Production number: 20010
First aired: 20 November 2009
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Written By
Richard Sweren & Julie Martin

Directed By
Roger Young


An elderly man is forced to defend his shop from an armed robbery. The resulting investigation has Lupo and Bernard probing ulterior motives for the crime.


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It's Ken Zen Ichi Nyo. "The Fist and Zen are One".

–Lupo on Gregory's Japanese arm tattoo.

Purcell: Well, the cards weren't going my way. Guy with hole aces sitting on the nuts burned me for eight grand. Duane fronted me a loan.
Bernard: He was playing loan shark?
Purcell: He was working for one. Got me $8,000. The vig was one point a week. I paid him back a few days before he got killed. Dudes, I swear, I'm just a guy who sucks at poker.

"Have a nice day." I'll have a nice day when I'm cured.

–Anita Van Buren

Since when is it liberal bias to stand up for human dignity and human life, for fairness under the law? You should reexamine your own values, Mr. Pewls, before you start questioning mine.

–Jack McCoy

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Episode scene cards

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Emergency Room
St. Justin's Hospital
Wednesday, October 14

Apartment Of
Sonya Colon
448 East 107th Street
Thursday, October 15

Delario & Sons
Funeral Home
Friday, October 16

4 5 6

The Hayworth Group
290 Cedar Street
Monday, October 19

Citizen Commendation
Awards Ceremony
31 Chambers Street
Tuesday, October 20

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Wednesday, October 28

7 8 9

Desiree's House
Of Beauty
364 East 116th Street
Wednesday, October 28

Offices Of
Kingsley Properties
158 East 57th Street
Thursday, October 29

Supreme Court
Grand Jury Room
Friday, November 6

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