L&O, Episode 7.17
Production number: K1121
First aired: 27 March 1997
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Written By
Ed Zuckerman, Gardner Stern & René Balcer

Directed By
Ed Sherin

The case against a Hollywood director can have damaging effects for Ross and Curtis. (Part Three of Three)




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  • Brady v. Maryland
  • People v. Novoa
  • People v. Gonzalez
  • People v. Simmons
  • People v. McMullen
  • People v. Jones


McCoy: Who needs juries when we have commentators?
Ross: Next time, try the Cartoon Channel.
McCoy: That was the Cartoon Channel.

Lisa: Here's everything Mattawin Studios has on Newman.
Curtis: Why?
Lisa: I'm in a funny business. Everyone talks like hippies and act like the Sicilian mob. I'm tired of it.

Ross: (looks at her watch) God. Look at the time. I gotta go.
McCoy: We're not quite done here.
Ross: I shouldn't have been away from Katie this long. I'm due in family court in 3 days.
McCoy: We have to go back to Judge Callahan in 12 hours.
Ross: I'm sorry!
McCoy: Where are your priorities?! If Gorton gets ahold of this stuff, he'll come up with some cockamamie alternate theory of the crime. A murderer could walk free!
Ross: And I could lose my daughter! You know what, Jack?! That's an easy decision!
McCoy: Not for an Assistant District Attorney!
Ross: Fine! I quit! (leaves the office in a huff and slams the door)

[After Curtis has testified concerning Lisa Lundquist]
Curtis: Hey! What the hell's the matter with you, McCoy? Why didn't you stop that sooner?
McCoy: I might've been able to if you'd told me about it.
Curtis: There's nothing to tell! (walks up to his partner)
Ross: What was that about?
McCoy: He's just a little upset his wife's about to find out he had an affair on the evening news.
Briscoe: (to Curtis about Lisa) I told you you shoulda gone to bed with her. You're gettin' the grief. You shoulda had the gravy.

McCoy: What's your current movie about, Mr. Newman? Talking bears?
Newman: Yes.
McCoy: A daring Neorealist foray into Jellystone Park? Does that fulfill your promise as an artist?
Newman: No!
McCoy: Heidi Ellison was keeping you from fulfilling that promise, wasn't she?
Newman: Not just her. Do you know what kinda crap they wanted me to make?
McCoy: But especially her. She could've let you make Madame Bovary, couldn't she?
Newman: Yes!
McCoy: But she didn't, did she?
Newman: She gave me a choice. The bears or a picture about a dog who's granted 3 wishes. I couldn't believe it!
McCoy: You couldn't believe what, Mr. Newman?
Newman: I had an actress, a bankable actress, who was attached to Bovary. But Heidi gives her $12,000,000 to do an asteroid movie instead, because our marriage didn't work out! [jumps out of his seat and raises his sword] That vindictive bitch! I could've made something!!
[everyone in the courtroom stares at him, causing Newman to sit back down and face-palm]

McCoy: [his closing summation] Everyone likes a good story. Eddie Newman has made a career putting stories on film. And the defense in this case has told you a very good story about a sleazy psychiatrist and a man who believed he'd committed a murder, but recently realized that he didn't. What actually happened here is less complicated and far more sordid. A bitter, angry man viciously killed his ex-wife, dismembered her while she was still alive, and then lied about it. There's no clever twist to the plot. It's just the messy, ugly truth. Mr. Gorton has appealed to what he calls reasonable doubt. But reasonable doubt is not any doubt. God has given you all the gift of common sense. Use it. [picks up Newman's sword] Eddie Newman used this weapon to hack to death, not the woman he claimed he loved, but the woman he calls a vindictive bitch. Find him guilty of murder.

[after Newman's conviction and sentencing]
McCoy: Anybody wanna join me for a drink?
Curtis: Not me. I'm having supper with my wife.
Briscoe: I've got a date. She's no Lisa Lundquist, but she's all right.
McCoy: [to the ADA] I know, dinner with Katie.
Ross: Whenever possible. Tonight, it's possible. [leaves the office]
Schiff: Started with a killing, ending with an execution. You got what you wanted. Take the rest of the week off.
McCoy: It's Friday, Adam.
Schiff: So it is. See you Monday.

Background information and notes

  • This episode (along with "D-Girl" and "Turnaround") is part of a trilogy which has strongly been ripped from the headline of the notorious, controversial, and highly publicized O.J. Simpson murder case. Locations, characters, and other aspects loosely resemble those that came to denote the affair.

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Mattawin Studios
1015 Third Avenue
Thursday, February 21

Supreme Court
Trial Part 58
Monday, February 25

Supreme Court
Trial Part 58
Wednesday, February 27

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Family Court
Part 210
Tuesday, March 19

Supreme Court
Trial Part 58
Thursday, March 21

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