L&O, Episode 9.14
Production number: E0210
First aired: 17 February 1999
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McCoy Munch Sideshow
Written By
René Balcer

Directed By
Ed Sherin


When Briscoe and Curtis discover that a high-level federal official found murdered in Battery Park was recently transferred from Baltimore, they team up with Baltimore homicide detectives. The joint investigation reveals that the victim was involved in a love affair with another high-level government official, whose career will be destroyed if the relationship becomes public. The independent counsel summons McCoy and his Baltimore counterpart, Ed Danvers, to Washington and demands that McCoy reveal his source or be jailed for contempt. Briscoe and Curtis apprehend the suspect, but the F.B.I. claims jurisdiction and the suspect evades trial, if not justice.


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The subject, while vocal, is considered a dilettante and is not taken seriously amongst the radical community.

–Briscoe reading the FBI file about John Munch.

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Episode scene cards

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Apartment of
Janine McBride
Baltimore, MD
Tuesday, November 4

Apartment of
Janine McBride
Baltimore, MD
Friday, November 7

Security Desk
Old Executive Building
Washington, D.C.
Wednesday, November 12

4 5 6 7

Office of
Drew Hardin
J. Edgar Hoover Building
Washington, D.C.
Wednesday, November 12

8th District
Washington, D.C.
Monday, November 17

Office of
District Attorney
Adam Schiff
Wednesday, November 26

Federal Grand Jury
Washington, D.C.
Friday, November 28

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