"Silver Lake"
LA, Episode 1.10
Production number: 01015
First aired (US): 11 April 2011
First aired (CAN): 11 April 2011
  th of 22 produced in LA  
th of 22 released in LA
  th of 1229 released in all  
Written By
Peter Blauner

Directed By
Christopher Misiano

Summary[edit | edit source]

Don Alvin's quiet life is destroyed when an intruder ambushes him and his family in their home, killing his wife and son. After searching for clues, the detectives discover similar cases that lead them to one powerful common thread. Meanwhile, DDA's Dekker and Rubirosa have to tread carefully in order to get a guilty verdict after Morales' puts their case in jeopardy.

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"Silver Lake"
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Season 1
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