Siobhan Miller
Siobhan Miller
Name Siobhan Miller
Pathology Con artist
Murder facilitator
Rape facilitator
Family Beau Miller (brother)
Patricia Ann Miller (sister-in-law)
Kyle Kivlahan (second cousin)
Unnamed niece
Status Imprisoned
Actor Jenna Lamia
First Appearance "Taken"

Siobhan Miller is an alleged rape victim of ex-con Russell Ramsay. Her family is also a group of con artists.


The Millers were arrested for their actions, and just as Siobhan was sentenced to probation in exchange for her testimony against her family, she was soon arrested for manslaughter in the first degree, as her false allegation against Ramsay landed him in Rikers, where he was raped and murdered, and manslaughter was not covered by her probation.

Whilst the rest of her family is serving time in prison for their series of frauds, Siobhan is serving the maximum sentence in Bedford Hills (concurrently with her probation for the unrelated frauds) for first-degree manslaughter in Ramsay's death.