SVU, Episode 9.10
Production number: 9008
First aired: 4 December 2007
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Cragen Snitch
Written By
Mark Goffman

Directed By
Jonathan Kaplan


A 14-year-old African immigrant is murdered, and the evidence points to a neighborhood thug who intimidates murder witnesses. However, the case is complicated by the discovery that the victim was married to a 35-year-old polygamist.


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Sarah: Shouldn't it be my choice to decide what kind of marriage I want?
Stabler: So, if you want to marry a cat?

All for a trial that's already cost him his wife. I mean, what guy in his right mind would ever become a witness in this system?

–Elliot Stabler

Danielson: Please tell the jury what happened.
Chuckwei: I was walking home from work on 168th Street when I saw a man beat a boy with a metal pipe.
Danielson: [shows a photo of the victim] This is the victim, Damon Moore. Is he the boy you saw?
Chuckwei: Yes.
Danielson: And the man who beat him to death, is he in this courtroom?
[in a moment of silence, Chuckwei stares at King, who stares back; afterwards, Chuckwei points at him]
Chuckwei: That is the man. There.
King: He's a liar. The cops are makin' him lie!
Brayden: Dennis, shut up!
Chuckwei: No! NO! [jumps out of his seat] You murdered that boy in front of a crowd of people! And in front of GOD!!
King: [storms out of his seat, topples the table, and charges at Chuckwei] You're a dead man! You're a dead man! Ya hear me?!
[Stabler grabs King and pins him to the ground]
Judge: Order! ORDER! Get the jury out of here! Court officers!
[the court officers grab King]
King: Get 'em off! Get off me! [to Chuckwei] You're dead! Your family's dead! Everything you love is dead! You're dead!
Judge: Take the defendant to lockup!
[Benson and Stabler walk up to Chuckwei]
Benson: Are you okay?
Chuckwei: Yes. I'm no longer afraid.

Background information and notes

The fictional website from this episode is based on the real website known for posting profiles and pictures of informants in criminal trials.

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Nigerian Crafts
403 East 124th Street
Sunday, November 25

Residence of
Nikkiel Kwambe
485 West 168th Street
Sunday, November 25

Residence of
Chukwei Bothame
485 West 168th Street
Monday, November 26

Savior Christian Cemetery
296 West 129th Street
Monday, November 26

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Trial Part 18
Tuesday, November 27

Trial Part 18
Friday, November 30

Saint Bernadette's
356 West 120th Street
Friday, November 30

Trial Part 53
Monday, December 3

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