Law and Order
Law and Order
SVU, Episode 11.03
Production number:
First aired (US): 7 October 2009
First aired (UK): 30 October 2009
First aired (CAN): 9 October 2009
First aired (AUS): 25 February 2010
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Written By
Amanda Green

Directed By
Helen Shaver


When Lily Milton is reported missing, her boyfriend, Parker Hubbard, points Detectives Benson and Stabler in the direction of Callum Donovan, Lily's downstairs neighbor and convicted bank robber who spent nineteen years in prison. Stabler is convinced that Donovan was the perp and vigorously pursues him.

Later, Lily turns up alive, having gone into hiding in shame after a failed attempt to score drugs. Trying to be the bigger man, Stabler goes to apologize to Donovan, but finds him on the roof of the apartment building. Donovan panics and pushes Stabler off the roof.

Donovan is found with his mother and one final moment, he is arrested. Donovan tries to run but is detained by Fin and he goads Benson to shoot him. However, he is told Stabler survived, that they uncovered Lily's lie and the real reason as to why Stabler came to his apartment. Donovan is stunned by this news before he is taken away.

Stabler survives, and initially intends to help A.D.A. Paxton throw the book at Donovan, but after Donovan testifies that he was afraid of going back to prison because of the time he spent in solitary, Stabler resolves to enter the Hole himself to see if it can really make someone crazy.

When three days inside passes like a week for him he finds himself agreeing with Donovan. However Paxton refuses to sympathise with the perp and not only continues with the case but pushes to have him sent directly to solitary. Later while Stabler is in a bar feeling sory for the man, A.D.A Paxton comes in and offers to by him a drink in congratulations for sending Donovan back where he belongs, only for Stabler to give her the cold shoulder in disgust.

Later on while visiting Donovan Elliot finds that Donovan had injured himself in his cell while attempting suicide. He will be in the prison hospital until he recovers, and thanks to some calls from Paxton he will be released back into the prison population. Donovan thanks Stabler for that, but Elliot replies it wasn't him.


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Paxton: Where the hell you been?
Stabler: At the hole. [pause] I want to drop the charges.
Paxton: [laughs] don't be a wuss Stabler. You took a bad trip in your own head, and now what? you feel sorry for Donovan? Well that's your problem. Mine is convicting a would-be cop killer, who thinks doing a little time gives him the right to whack the first cop who looks at him cross-eyed.
Stabler: It's not that simple.
Paxton: Actually it is. If Donovan walks it's open season on law enforcement, for any perp that did a day in the hall.
Stabler: Look, you don't have to set him a precedent, just cut him a deal.
Paxton: If I plea-bargain Donovan, he's out in 5 years, and then what? Does he run down the cop who pulls him over for speeding? I won't take that chance.
Stabler: I'll report you for assault. The DA will suspend you.
Paxton: Go ahead. [pauses and then smiles] Thought so. You may of lost your balls in lock-up but, I still got mine.

Stabler (to Paxton): You act like the law's holy scripture. You don't give a damn about the law. You want control. You don't know me. You know me? I know you. I see perps like you walking here everyday of the week. They got to have control; the whole world falls apart, but inside they're scared, weak, damage... [is slapped by Paxton]

Tutuola: You threw my friend off the roof, you got nothing coming.


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Pier 19
Bayonne, New Jersey
Thursday, July 23

396 Eighth Avenue
Thursday, July 23

Residence of
Callum Donovan
68 Grand Street
Thursday, July 23

Residence of
Veronique St. John
107 Dubois Avenue
Staten Island, New York
Friday, July 24

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Arraignment Court
Part 46
Friday, July 24

Supreme Court
Trial Part 46
Wednesday, August 12

Sing Sing Prison
Isolation Unit
Ossining, New York
Thursday, August 13

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