"Something Happened"
SVU, Episode 19.07
Production number: 19007
First aired: 29 November 2017
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Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin

Directed By
Alex Chapple


Benson discloses close secrets to help a victim of rape remember what happened to her.




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Olivia: [to Laurel] I understand that you might have been raped. That's okay. We have plenty of time. When you're ready, we can talk...
Laurel Linwood: What's the point? You'll never catch him.
Olivia: What makes you say that?
Laurel: Because I can't remember a damn thing.

Laurel: [to Olivia] You can wear a badge and you can carry a gun, Lieutenant, but there's going to come a moment of weakness. The big fish eat the little fish and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Laurel: [to Olivia] Why do you do this? It's pity, right? You pity the pitiful.
Olivia: You couldn't be more wrong.
Laurel: And you're not Jesus! You can't save me!

Olivia: Laurel, I have been doing this a long time and I'm pretty sure that you feel alone.
Laurel: I feel pure and utter hatred. You can't know.
Olivia: Laurel, I know all about hate.
Laurel: Really? Did someone force your legs open? Did they lie on top of you like you're nothing more than a mattress and then force themselves into you like a knife? Stabbing your soul over and over and over again? Pity isn't going to bring my soul back nor is false sympathy or whatever it is you're doing right here.
Olivia: But your soul's not dead, Laurel, and I think that I'm here to help you understand that. This I know. Your soul is not dead.

Olivia: Laurel, I've been doing this a long time. Women who have been raped and children who have been abused don't say "we did this" and "we did that." They talk about what their attacker did to them. Like you told me about Greg Harvey.

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Commerce Bank of
81 Madison Avenue
Wednesday, November 29
2:12:10-2:12:13 PM

26th Street & 4th Avenue
Wednesday, November 29
4:16:14-4:16:17 PM

Apartment of
Greg Harvey
399 West 21st Street
Wednesday, November 29
7:11:18-7:11:21 PM

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"Something Happened"
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