Law and Order
Law and Order
"Sound Bodies"
CI, Episode 3.08
Production number: E4513
First aired: 16 November 2003
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Written By
René Balcer

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac & Frank Prinzi

Detectives Goren and Bishop investigate a rash of fatal poisonings in an isolated island church as well as the drowning deaths of three young students.


Goren and Bishop pursue a teenage Svengali who convinces three impressionable young girls to commit multiple homicides in the cause of a twisted philosophy.


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Siddhartha; Gonnorhea; Channel Island; Khalil Gibran; Chondroitin Sulfate; Hart Island; Florence Maybrick; George Tooley; Henry Leavitt


It was Tina. She was mine. What did you do to her?

–Conroy Smith

Want me to stick a dart in him?

–Alexandra Eames

Connie Smith: No one betrays me.
Robert Goren: C'mon. Tina or Caroline?
Connie Smith: No one betrays me.
Robert Goren: Think again! We got the smoking gun.

The killer was targeting people on diets?

–James Deakins

Robert Goren: ...And you're special. Well, aren't ya, Connie?
Connie Smith: No. I'm not that special.
Robert Goren: No. I think you made yourself special. I think that's the lie you told yourself to explain why your mother ditched you.
Connie Smith: No. That's not reality. My mother has important work.
Bishop: Like cleaning motel rooms in Laughlin? Well, here's her number if you want to call her.
Robert Goren: Ooh, look...Look. BING! Reality! People leave you. Your mother, and soon, your uncle.

Robert Goren: So they got it from the same girl.
Elizabeth Rodgers: Unless toilet seats and doorknobs are making a comeback.
Well, it's like the book says. That "Every sin carries grace within it". Ouch.

–Robert Goren

Background information and notes[]

Background information and notes

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