Law and Order
"Spring Awakening"
SVU, Episode 15.24
Production number: 15024
First aired (US): 21 May 2014
First aired (UK): 8 June 2014
First aired (CAN): 21 May 2014
First aired (AUS): 3 July 2014
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Teleplay By
Julie Martin & Warren Leight

Story By
Julie Martin & Warren Leight & Kevin Fox

Directed By
Norberto Barba

Amaro's career is on the line and Benson is faced with a life-changing decision.


Amaro's beating of an acquitted suspect once again makes him the target of Internal Affairs, and he has no choice but to face the consequences. With his professional and personal life at risk, he looks to his friend John Munch for advice. Meanwhile, an online ad for escorts leads to the rape and robbery of several male tourists, and one of the suspects is the mother of Baby Doe, an abandoned infant Sergeant Benson has been looking after. When the girl is later found burned to death, Baby Doe is thus now an orphan... until the judge in charge of the Baby Doe question makes a startling recommendation to Olivia.


Judge Linden asks if they have located any other family members for the infant, as Trevor Langan walks in to deny this. Trevor states he will be representing Noah like he did his mother. Linden also notes on Benson being present. She soon declares she will be putting Noah into foster care until an appropriate home is found. However, she notes on Benson displaying an active role in the infant's life, asking if she would be interested in becoming a foster mother to Noah. This garners inquiring looks from Cox and Langan, while a surprised Benson is told by the judge that she has a good feeling and places Noah in her care for a year until Benson can choose to adopt him.

Afterwards, Benson is given the baby by the court and she is overjoyed at holding him.


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Mrs. Wilkes: [to Rollins] Haven't the police done enough? My husband is still recovering. Your partner is crazy.
Rollins: My partner will be taking anger-management classes while your husband, he gets off free. He gets to keep having these perverted fantasies, keep taking these photos? He gets to keep his torture chamber. Is that really what you signed on for when you married him?

Trevor Langan: I am looking for Ellie Porter. Sorry I am late. I just caught the case.
Olivia: I thought she had a public defender. Eh, Rollins, meet Trevor Langan. He is a, uh, high priced mouthpiece for lowlifes.
Trevor Langan: And you once. How soon we forget. Nice to see you again, Detective.
Olivia: It's actually Sergeant now. Eh, what? Caught a pro-bono?
Trevor Langan: Yeah, do a few of them a year. Keeps me an honest lawyer.
Declan Murphy: An oxymoron.

Declan Murphy: Amaro, I know you don't value my advice, but even if you think you did the right thing, stand down and keep your mouth shut.

Olivia: Ellie, have you ever gone through full withdrawal? Hmm? I can see that you're shaking, huh? You're not feeling well. You're going to be crying, lying on the floor of your cell, curled up in the fetal position, puking your guts out.
Ellie Porter: Shut up.
Olivia: Is that what you want? To be lying in a pool of vomit, dirty, pathetic? Because you have a chance to break this cycle. You have a chance to clean up your act.
Ellie Porter: You want to be my mommy? Lady detectives love saving girls like me, but I like my life just the way it is.

Rollins [to Mrs. Wilkes]: You're in denial. Your husband needs help and he needs to do something else. Simon tells I.A.B that he swung first and that my partner, Amaro had to fight back in self-defense. And if he doesn't do that, I will make sure that his ass is in jail by the end of today and he will die there.

Declan Murphy: Just got off the phone with 1PP. Simon Wilkes admitted he threw the first punch at Amaro, instigating the fight.
Rollins: You're kidding.
Fin: So he's coming back?
Declan Murphy: Well, Amaro and his lawyer are with the D.A. right now. Whether he comes back to SVU or not is up in the air.
Olivia: Up in the air? I know that you have hooks at 1PP. You tell them that this is not who he is.
Declan Murphy: It isn't? He came after me when I was undercover, sucker punched me on the street. Now I'm not gonna shank him, but I'm not helping him either. Every favor you use, you owe six more and I'm not wasting one on this guy.

Olivia: Come on, Tino, who did it? Who gave the order?
Little Tino: I did. That bitch turned. She got what was coming.
Olivia Benson: Ah, so you gave the order.
Little Tino: Yeah.
Olivia: Come on, Tino, who are you kidding? You still live with your mama.

Fin: Where's your son?
Alminia Aguilar: In bed with your mama!

Background information and Notes

  • Trevor Langan appears after not being seen since the season 12 episode "Behave" and notes how there have been a few changes since he last dealt with SVU.
    • He also mentions he was once Benson's lawyer, which happened in the season 11 episode "Perverted".
    • He asks Benson how she was doing overall, in reference to the ordeal William Lewis had put her through.
    • Rollins asks if Benson and Langan ever dated, to which she replies "I don't date lawyers." This is an in-joke as their actors, Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann, are married.
      • Benson did however previously date a lawyer, David Haden, but they kept their relationship a secret and declare that it never happened in "Justice Denied" after the split. Rollins hints that she knew about that relationship as she replied with a surprised "since when?" when Benson said she didn't date lawyers.
  • Murphy mentions being punched by Amaro while undercover, which happened in the episode "Gambler's Fallacy".
  • Murphy leaves for another undercover assignment. The Special Victims Unit encounter him on that assignment in the episode "Undercover Mother".
  • Ellie is revealed to be the mother of the baby that Benson discovered in the episode "Wednesday's Child" and the child is revealed to be named Noah.
    • With the death of Ellie, Benson is allowed to keep Noah.

Episode scene cards

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Arraignment Court
Part 31
Saturday, May 3

Bellevue Hospital
462 First Avenue
Saturday, May 3

Duchess Hotel
144 West 44th Street
Saturday, May 3

Manhattan Correctional
Visiting Room
Sunday, May 4

Home of
Alminia Juarez
41-13 41st Street
Sunday, May 4

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Rikers Island
Visiting Room
Monday, May 5

Photo Studio of
Simon Wilkes
174 Norfolk Street
Monday, May 5

St. Bernadine
Halfway House for Women
570 Sutter Avenue
East New York, Brooklyn
Monday, May 5

Freight Yard
East New York, Brooklyn
Monday, May 5

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