St. Raymond's University is a school located at 501 Convent Street.


The school was the location of the apparent rape and homicide of one of its students, Jeanne Gallagher. However, investigation conducted by the Detectives from the Special Victims Unit revealed that her death was accidental. Professor James Henri Rousseau had an obsession with Gallagher, and saw her fall down the stairs. Rousseau carried her body into the bushes, and made love to her dead body.

The investigation also revealed that the school was guilty of covering up several previous crimes. Two months before her death, Gallagher was raped by Riley Couger, one of the school's basketball players. Saint Rays didn't want to lose one of its star players, and made the charges disappear. Captain Donald Cragen was a former student of Saint Rays, and told Detective Elliot Stabler and Detective Olivia Benson another story about cover-ups. When the dean of science won a Mustang in the fall of '64, a drunk student decided that he had to take it for a spin. He lost control on an icy road, hit another car, and broke the other driver's leg. Campus security decided that the student deserved another chance. Cragen turned out to be the one with the broken leg, and the driver was current Campus Security Officer Anthony Schlasser. Schlasser ignored Gallagher's claims about being raped by Couger. (SVU: "Sophomore Jinx")

Judge Walter Thornburg went to St. Raymond's. He later raped his twelve-year-old stepdaughter.

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