"Star-Struck Victims"
SVU, Episode 17.16
Production number: 17016
First aired: 24 February 2016
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Written By
A. Zell Williams

Directed By
Michael Pressman


When a lack of evidence leads Barba to drop rape charges against a popular actor, Rollins takes matters into her own hands.


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Dodds (to Rollins): Why don't you clock out, go home?
Rollins: Why don't you stop telling me what to do, Sergeant?

Carisi: All right, well, technically, cops are not allowed to talk to them without their lawyers present, right? What if while the cops are illegally talking to them, they commit a crime?
Barba: That's fun question for a bar exam.

Rollins: Liv, I swear to God, I did not leak that video.
Olivia: So I'm supposed to believe you now? You went undercover without informing me. This is another example of you asking for forgiveness instead of permission.
Rollins: But I... Liv, wait, wait. I've no, no, no. I'm not asking for forgiveness because I didn't do anything.
Olivia: Please stop.
Rollins: The defense, the judge, Barba all had access to that video. Literally dozens of people could have turned it over.
Olivia: We know the defense didn't do it, Amanda, so I hope you're not seriously suggesting that it was Barba.
Rollins: Well, I just know it wasn't me.
Olivia: You know, I thought that things would change after you had Jesse. I thought that you would think before you acted. I was hoping to get past my trust issues with you and now this.
Rollins: I swear on my baby girl that I did not do this.

Olivia (to Dodds about Rollins): She just stood there and she lied to my face. And I don't know what to tell your father because she swears that she didn't leak the video.
Dodds: I believe her.
Olivia: Why?
Dodds: Because I know who did. Don't worry, it can't be traced.
Olivia: What are you telling me?
Dodds: I don't want to put you between me and my father, so you might want to stop asking questions.
Olivia: Okay.
Dodds: Bobby D'Amico got what he deserved. Told you I never liked the guy.

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Furry Rascals
3915 Broadway
Saturday, February 20

Bobby D's Hideaway
184 East 33rd Street
Saturday, February 20

539 Edgecombe Avenue
Sunday, February 21

Office of
ADA Rafael Barba
Monday, February 22

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Supreme Court
Part 22
Wednesday, February 24

Supreme Court
Part 22
Thursday, February 25

Supreme Court
Part 22
Thursday, February 25

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"Star-Struck Victims"
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