Stefan Anders
Name Stefan Anders
Affiliation Nazi Germany
Division Waffen SS
Occupation Former Nazi officer
Pathology Nazi war criminal
Mass murderer
Status Executed
Actor George Bartenieff
First Appearance "Evil Breeds"

Stefan Anders is a German national and former member of the Waffen SS.

Anders served on the Eastern Front of World War II. After Germany's disastrous defeat at Stalingrad, the SS transferred Anders to the Bobrek Concentration camp in Poland as a prison guard. He shot six prisoners one day.

After the War, he moved to the United States and began to reside in New York City, where he had a son named Tomas.

He was under investigation by the Office of Special Investigations for his activities during the War, where it was alleged he brutally shot several prisoners. They pursued deportation proceedings against him, but were held up until the Russians turned over evidence to OSI which implicated Anders along with the testimony of Leah Glaser. Upon this discovery, he and a young benefactor, Kyle Mellors, murdered Glaser to prevent her from testifying against him. They were caught, however, and Anders and Mellors were both executed. (L&O: "Evil Breeds")

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