Stephen Lomatin
Name Stephen Lomatin
Title Officer
Affiliation New York City Police Department
New York Auxiliary Police Force
Occupation Auxiliary police officer
Security guard
Family Unnamed mother
Status Alive
Actor Alex Karpovsky
First Appearance "Manhattan Vigil"
Last Appearance "Depravity Standard"

Stephen Lomatin is a young auxiliary police officer, who is studying and training to get into the Police Academy. He also works as a part-time mall security guard.


Lomatin became heavily involved in the Lewis Hodda case after Hector Rodriguez disappeared. Afterwards, he started researching and found similar disappearances in the Morningside Heights neighborhood, concluding that the kidnapper has an M.O. of starting arson fires to get rid of bodies. When Wyatt Morris was kidnapped, he helped SVU arrest Hodda and bring Wyatt home. (SVU: "Manhattan Vigil")

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