Steve Getz
Name Steve Getz
Occupation Photographer
Pathology Hebephile
Statutory rapist
Sex trafficker
Status Deceased
Actor Vincent Kartheiser
First Appearance "Can't Be Held Accountable"
Last Appearance "Must Be Held Accountable"

Steve Getz is a man who groomed Ivy and Milly Bucci, the daughters of Detective Frank Bucci.


Getz soon came to the attention of the Special Victims Unit when Bucci made a complaint about him to the detectives. He was arrested alongside his girlfriend and accomplice Granya Marcil, despite Ivy and Milly's cries to leave Getz alone.

Despite an undercover operation by Detective Tamin, who posed as Ivy and Milly's aunt, as well as Ivy testifying against him, Getz was not charged as Judge Joe Ellery believed Ivy and Milly were old enough to consent and that Getz did not know the true ages of the girls. This caused Bucci to fly into a rage and kidnap Detective Rollins at gunpoint, demanding that Getz be charged. (SVU: "Can't Be Held Accountable")

During Rollins' ordeal, the SVU went to collect Ivy, Milly, and their mother Donna from Getz's party. Getz told Donna to give him a call if she needed anything. Later, it was discovered Getz had blackmailed Ellery to drop the charges against him. After an undercover operation, Getz was arrested again, along with his attorney Peter Abrams and Ellery. He was imprisoned, and he later committed suicide in his cell. (SVU: "Must Be Held Accountable")

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