Law and Order
Steven Zirnkilton
Narrating voice-over
Date of birth
18 August 1958
Place of birth
York, Pennsylvania
IMDb profile

Steven Zirnkilton (born Stephen Morgan Zirnkilton on August 18, 1958 in York, Pennsylvania) is an actor who has provided the narrating voice-over to all introductory title sequences (NOT the series theme sequences, as long believed) for the six US series of the Law & Order franchise, including the short-lived Law & Order: LA.

Zirnkilton made his sole on-screen appearance in the Law & Order original pilot episode, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," as one of the NYPD technicians conducting covert surveillance of a restaurant where corrupt politicians are dining. He has one line of dialogue: "Look at that. Do you believe these guys?"

Zirnkilton has also provided voices for Family Guy and The Rugrats Movie.

In addition to those, he also worked for Law & Order creator Dick Wolf narrating Arrest & Trial, a syndicated but short-lived true-crime documentary series which Wolf produced. He was also the narrator of the fourth overall (Dick Wolf) TV incarnation of Dragnet (known during its second and last season as L.A. Dragnet) with the classic opening and a variation of the sentencing portion of the second TV incarnation (Jack Webb and Harry Morgan) stating that the individual is now serving, for example, "25-to-life in San Quentin".