Stevie Harris
Name Stevie Harris
Pathology Drug addict
Status Deceased
Actor Aaron Tveit
First Appearance "Personal Fouls"

Stevie Harris was a former basketball player who claimed that he was molested by Coach Ray Masters.


Stevie was living as a homeless junkie and talked to Nick Amaro, the new detective, about the abuse that he suffered as a child. He tells Nick that he was paid off by the coach in order to remain quiet about the molestation, but everyone else on the team is unable to find any evidence or support to back up Stevie's claim.

According to Stevie, his roommate Prince Miller supposedly received worse treatment than Stevie had. Prince wouldn't admit that any of this actually happened to him and as a result, he resented Stevie. Later, the team finds Stevie dead. He had overdosed on heroin. The killer turned out to be Miller's manager Supreme, who had forced a shot of heroin into Stevie. Supreme knew that Stevie was a recovering addict and he needed to ensure that his client's image did not get tarnished by the bad press. (SVU: "Personal Fouls")

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