Law and Order
SVU, Episode 3.03
Production number: E2315
First aired: 12 October 2001
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Written By
Jonathan Greene & Robert F. Campbell

Directed By
James Quinn


When a baby is stolen from her mother in a grocery store, Detectives Benson and Stabler soon discover that the kidnapping is only the tip of the iceberg in a baby snatching and selling scheme.


The kidnapping of an infant at a grocery store leads to a scheme of snatching and selling babies for adoption which brings back a case from 12 years ago that involved Captain Cragen and his partner, the late Max Greevey.

Ultimately the case leads to a painful custody battle in which the detectives are on the adopted family's side and Cabot herself acts as their lawyer in an attempt to help.

Robert is asked by his lawyer as to why he would be a good parent. Robert answers that they can look at how he raised his other sons and says Tyler will be treated no different than them. Robert goes on by saying Tyler will have a brother the same age as him and a devoted father who can more than provide. Robert also says Tyler will have his maternal grandparents too because he wants them in his life as well, something that surprises them.

Cabot tells Cragen about the case hearing. She says it is ripping her apart because all these good people just want Tyler and have his interest at heart. Stabler and Benson come in and review they have made a startling discovery. They revealed that the signature on the adoption for Tyler were a dead match for Linda Cook the ex-wife of Robert.

Linda is brought in and the and denies being the one who killed Jennifer but after some prodding for motive by Cragen; her guilt is exposed. Cragen asks Linda to tell him that she did not mean to kill Jennifer and says he could help her if she does but she does not take the offer instead ask for a lawyer.

In family court, the case has ended and the Blakes do lose the case, but the judge requests Robert make arrangements for the adoptive parents to have contact with the child which the father does seem like he's going to do.


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Jennifer Talmadge; Greenwich Diner; Westchester County; Mahopac; Laight Street Shelter; Manhattan Family Court; Long Island Jewish Hospital; 1989; Max Greevey; Marie Greevey; Homicide Squad; Maureen Stabler; Kathleen Stabler; Dickie Stabler; Elizabeth Stabler;


Are you here for Tyler? The way he played second base was a crime!

–Tyler's Friend

Alex Cabot: You lost your cool. You are too emotionally invested in this case!
Don Cragen: Damn right.
Odafin Tutuola: Three marriages, no children. You ever consider adopting?
John Munch: The kindest thing I could ever do for a kid is not adopt.
Robert Cook: I swear, I never thought that baby was mine. We only slept together a few times.
John Munch: Sixth grade sex-ed: "Once is enough."

Background information and notes

  • This episode brings back a twelve-year-old case from 1989 in which a mother was strangled to death. During that time, Donald Cragen was still a detective and partnered with Max Greevey.
  • Charlotte Colavin plays a judge named D. Serani. Michael Mastro plays a judge with the same name from the thirteenth season. It is possible that the two characters are related, although there is no proof of this.

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Apartment of Alicia Brown
788 Tenth Avenue
Friday, March 9

Greenwich Diner
74 West 8th Street
Saturday, March 10

Reiter Residence
Westchester County
Sunday, March 11

Family Court
Custody Hearing
Tuesday, March 12

Family Court
Wednesday, March 13

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