SVU, Episode 7.10
Production number: 07011
First aired: 29 November 2005
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Warner Storm
Written By
Neal Baer & Amanda Green

Directed By
David Platt


When a twelve-year-old girl and her younger sister end up in the hospital after a day at the park, detectives learn that both girls were abducted from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina along with a third sister who is still missing. Despite the interference of a local reporter, Jackson Zane, detectives are able to catch the kidnapper, a known pedophile, and recover the girl, but when Alvin Dutch dies and the autopsy determines it was anthrax, Benson puts everything on the line so that she can get the truth that the people deserve out there.


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Why, Santa, why?

–John Munch discovers the FBI cleaned out the squad room's evidence

Who do we call when we've been raped?

–Odafin Tutuola discovering the squad room's evidence has been cleaned out

Federal Officer: The federal government is prepared to deal with any and all exigencies.
Munch: Sure, by calling in the black helicopters.
Tutuola: For once, he's not being paranoid.

If people are too stupid to prepare for all eventualities, then they're too dumb to live. I view it as natural selection.

–Michael Delpit

I give them your name, they win. There's no freedom without free press. Now, I chose to write this story. And I'll take the consequences. Good-bye, Olivia. Don't come back.

–Jackson Zane to Olivia Benson while in jail

Background information and notes

  • According to Dr. Huang, 2,300 children and 4,500 sex offenders have gone missing since Hurricane Katrina.
  • Olivia's undercover name is Rachel Martin that was previously used in the episode "Starved."
  • Goldie Prioleaux mentions Hurricane Camille happened in 1969, then says that Kennedy is the president, but he died in 1963.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3 4

Hurricane Help Center
121 East 20th Street
Tuesday, November 8

St. Mark's Hospital
Emergency Room
Tuesday, November 8

Home of
Goldie Prioleaux
343 Convent Avenue
Wednesday, November 9

Home of
Goldie Prioleaux
343 Convent Avenue
Wednesday, November 9

5 6 7 8

20 Federal Plaza
Conference Room
Wednesday, November 9

Administration of
Children's Services
Thursday, November 10

Jersey Gentific
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Thursday, November 10

Federal Courthouse
Southern District
40 Foley Square
Friday, November 11

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