"Strange Beauty"
SVU, Episode 13.22
Production number: 13022
First aired: 16 May 2012
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Written By
Peter Blauner & Robin Veith

Directed By
Alex Chapple

A missing woman leads Rollins and the SVU detectives into the underground world of self-mutilation and fetishism.


While off-duty, Detective Rollins spots a young woman screaming in the back of a moving taxi. The SVU squad quickly identifies the victim as a rebellious teenager, estranged from her family and experimenting in the world of tattoos and body modification. The case takes an unexpected turn when the Medical Examiner presents the detectives with a cleanly severed leg, reminiscent of a similar finding in an old unsolved case. The detectives are drawn into the psychological elements of self-mutilation and ritual amputation as they investigate two brothers in order to link the cases and find the missing woman.


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Apartment of
Shelly Raedo
149 Hoyt Street
Brooklyn, New York
Sunday, April 29

Houseboat of
J.C. Cassidy
Gowanus Canal
Brooklyn, New York
Monday, April 30

Beard Street
Red Hook, Brooklyn
Tuesday, May 1

4 5 6

Yashimi Tattoo
91 St. Mark's Place
Wednesday, May 2

Office of
Dr. Gene Brightman
411 East 63rd Street
Wednesday, May 2

Office of
Dr. Hal Brightman
103 West 85th Street
Thursday, May 3

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"Strange Beauty"
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Season 13
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