SVU, Episode 10.11
Production number: 10011
First aired: 6 January 2009
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Written By
Dawn DeNoon

Directed By
David Platt


A teenage girl returns home to her family after being kidnapped four years prior. As Benson and Stabler work with her to jog her memory about her abduction, they find holes in her story.


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Carl Vasko: Where's Kristen? I would like to see her.
Olivia Benson: And I would like to see you castrated with a rusty steak knife. Neither are going to happen, but we can both dream.
Elliot Stabler: You know something, I think you need a sick day. You're obviously on the rag.
Olivia Benson: Touch me again, and I will sue you for sexual harassment!

Background information and notes

  • This episode appears to based on the headlines of the Elisabeth Fritzl case, as well as the case of Frédéric Bourdin, who infamously impersonated Nicholas Barclay, a missing person.
  • Goof: It is stated multiple times that because Heather's parents are both blood type A, she must also be type A. However, if both parents are heterozygous, Heather could potentially be type O.
  • At the start of the episode, an elderly couple can be seen holding Wiimotes and a shot of the TV (slightly obscured) shows they are playing Wii Sports, one of the baseball training games to be exact.

Episode scene cards

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Saint Francis Cathedral
525 West 110th Street
Monday, December 1

Part 34
Thursday, December 4

Residence of
Carl Vasko
607 West 101th Street
Thursday, December 4

4 5

Detention Complex
125 White Street
Thursday, December 4

679 West 49th Street
Wednesday, December 10

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