CI, Episode 3.06
Production number: E4511
First aired: 2 November 2003
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Carver Deakins Goren Bishop Stray
Teleplay By
Elizabeth Benjamin

Story By
Elizabeth Benjamin & René Balcer

Directed By
Frank Prinzi


The investigation into the killings of two undercover police officers puts Goren and Bishop on the trail of a lethal couple.


Main cast

Guest cast



Goren: If I'm not scrolling fast enough, be my guest...
Bishop: Sorry, I didn't mean to...
Goren: No, really, I don't mind, you know. Eames likes to drive, so she drives. You want to scroll, scroll.
Bishop: Thank you, no.

Goren: Do you want to take the car?
Bishop: No. Why? It's only a couple blocks.
Goren: Well, your feet hurt. I noticed that you're curling your toes in your shoes.

Bishop: Where're you going?
Goren: Out for pancakes.

After a week of killings, nothing like soft lights and a warm bath.

–G. Lynn Bishop

Eugene Thomas: Oh, what you going in my bag for?
Robert Goren: Because I can. You're low on Ace bandages.

Background information and notes

In the final scene a comment made by Carver towards Goren implies the latter is against the death penalty. This is confirmed in Want.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Dixon's Custom Auto
Staten Island, New York
Thursday, September 4

New York County
Clerk's Office
Queens, New York
Tuesday, September 9

Smokey's Check Cashing
Brooklyn, New York
Tuesday, September 9

4 5 6

Gateway Inn
Queens, New York
Wednesday, September 10

New York Community
School District
Registration Office
Monday, September 15

New York County
618 Worth Street
Monday, September 15

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