SVU, Episode 9.11
Production number: 9011
First aired: 1 January 2008
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Cassidy Cornell
Written By
Paul Grellong

Directed By
Helen Shaver


A Park Avenue socialite's body is found in NYC's Central Park, and the investigation leads SVU to the father figure of a homeless "street family."


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Don Cragen: The girl is starving.
Elliot Stabler: You want us to bribe her with food?
Olivia Benson: I think coercion is more like it.
Don Cragen: Interventions aren't pretty.

Cole Roderick: You're gonna break my wrists!
Elliot Stabler: I'm Irish, but I'm not that lucky.

Doug Walshen: I would never kill Shelby.
Elliot Stabler: But you'd bang her friend.
Doug Walshen: That's what guys do: Anna's just a mattress

Helen Braidwell: They smothered me with their rules.
Elliot Stabler: They were acting like parents.
Helen Braidwell: No, I'm a parent and I would never act that way!
Elliot Stabler: Right, and now six people are dead.

Background information and notes

Background information and notes

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Crawford Residence
779 Park Avenue
Sunday, November 11

Rehearsal Loft of
Sticky Butterfingers
401 Mott Street
Sunday, November 11

Big Jerry's Pawnshop
103 Pitt Street
Monday, November 12

New York Youth
Crisis Center
315 Avenue D
Monday, November 12

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Felding's Warehouse
56 Adelphi Street
Fort Greene, New York Tuesday, November 13

Trial Part 46
Thursday, December 6

Rikers Island
Tuesday, December 18

Trial Part 46
Wednesday, December 19

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