Law and Order
"Stress Position"
CI, Episode 4.13
Production number: E5416
First aired: 13 February 2005
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Teleplay By
Charlie Rubin

Story By
Charlie Rubin, Warren Leight & René Balcer

Directed By
Frank Prinzi

A corrections officer's murder forces Goren and Eames to investigate the facility where he worked for a possible motive.


The murder of a Federal Corrections Officer recently hired by the New York City Fire Department causes Goren and Eames to investigate the prison where he worked to search for possible suspects. The investigation takes a shocking turn upon the discovery of the detention and torture of prisoners for whom there are no charges. After a nurse there is questioned, she complains to her boyfriend who then insists on speaking with Captain Deakins. Her boyfriend happens to be Detective Mike Logan, who was stationed on Staten Island after punching a homophobic city councilman many years ago. Together they find out that the guards on the prison block where the Corrections Officer worked were the torturers and murderers. Logan, Goren and the nurse are cornered, but Goren talks the guards down and they leave. The guards are arrested and the prisoners are released thanks to Carver using habeas corpus.


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Mike Logan: That guy would've been worth another ten years on Staten Island.

James Deakins: As you said, we're Major Case. Let me discuss it with my detectives.
Mike Logan: No problem. Maybe I'll have some of your major coffee.

Alexandra Eames: I didn't know you could play Twister by yourself.

Mike Logan: Funny how bad apples always find each other.
Robert Goren: Maybe it's their barrels that make the apples bad.

Alexandra Eames: So this is the Logan who threw a punch at a councilman ten years ago. Made him a hero to guys like my dad.

Officer Liss: Yeah, okay, his jingus was out. I didn't think a brother officer needed his wife knowing he got shivved getting hooker service. Look, I thought he was a cop.
Robert Goren: Next time, remember that you're a cop and do not disturb the crime scene.

Alexandra Eames: Maybe Jimmy does have a hobby ... confessing.

Ms. Girunda: Ungrateful, biscuit-eatin' son of a bitch!

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