L&O, Episode 18.16
Production number: 180--
First aired: 7 May 2008
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Cutter McCoy Strike
Written By
William N. Fordes & David Slack

Directed By
Marisol Torres


A legal aid strike ends in the death of a paralegal, and the investigation leads to a golf pro who proclaims his innocence. Due to the strike, Rubirosa is forced to defend the suspect herself. The investigation leads to the revelation that the golf pro is innocent of his wife's murder for which he spent nine years in prison and the paralegal was the true killer as he had cystic fibrosis which the killer had. Rubirosa comes into conflict with Cutter due to them being on opposite sides of the trial and defends her client to the best of her ability, coming to a point where a decision by the judge could turn the case in her favor. A comment by her client causes her to do a little further investigating and she discovers he and the dead paralegal (who he admits to killing in revenge for his wife's murder) were actually diving buddies and had known each other for a long time.

Rubirosa turns to McCoy for advise without telling him what it's about as the new revelation bothers her ethics, and he suggests she go with the law. The judge decides against her, but Cutter once again offers her the plea of eight and a half to twenty-five years in prison as her client already spent nine years for a crime he didn't commit and Rubirosa talks to him about it. She theorizes that the client's wife had an affair and he had his buddy murder her, but after hearing about a test to confirm the man had cystic fibrosis, a disease that the killer was known to have, he murdered him to cover up his wife's murder. Rubirosa is willing to keep fighting for him despite this, but pushes him to accept the plea rather than go to the jury. He ultimately accepts it and Rubirosa returns to the DAs office where its revealed the strike has ended. Rubirosa also plans to take Detective Bernard out for a drink to make up for the way she treated him during the case and on the stand.


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Ted Sanderson: I can't take a plea. I can't go back to jail.
Connie Rubirosa: I can't defend you if you keep lying to me.

Michael Cutter: You know he killed Dresner.
Connie Rubirosa: As Jack always says, I only know what I can prove in court.

Ted Sanderson: I'm innocent! I'm innocent! I'm innocent!
Cyrus Lupo: We heard you the first time, Ted.

Ooh, looks like someone skipped their anger-management class.

–Kevin Bernard

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Courthouse Garage
38 Reade Street
Tuesday, January 29

Computer Crime Squad
Wednesday, January 30

Home of
Ted Sanderson
1519 Richmond Road
Wednesday, January 30

4 5 6

Chambers of
Judge Susan Valdera
Thursday, January 31

Home of
Frank Dresner
377 Carroll Street
Thursday, January 31

Rikers Island
Meeting Room
Monday, February 4

7 8 9

1st Amalgamated Bank
4 Lafayette Street
Tuesday, February 5

Supreme Court
Trial Part 73
Thursday, April 9

Chamber of
Judge Norman Barclay
Friday, April 10

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