"Sunk Cost Fallacy"
SVU, Episode 19.19
Production number: 19019
First aired: 18 April 2018
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Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin & Allison Intrieri

Directed By
Michael Pressman

Summary[edit | edit source]

The search for an abducted woman and her young daughter leads Benson cross paths with an old friend. Meanwhile, Stone must make a tough decision on behalf of his sister.

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Benjamin Stone

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Olivia: You can't break the law, Alex.
Cabot : Why the hell not?
Olivia: Because it makes you a criminal, that's why.

Olivia: What happened to you?
Cabot: I opened my eyes. I opened them wide and I saw that for 12 years, I was a cog in a holier-than-thou wheel, and the wheel just keeps spinning and tossing off bodies as it goes. Some remain standing, some fall. Nobody cares. Nobody gives a damn as long as the wheel keeps turning.

Cabot: [about Jules Hunter] We never should've brought her back!
Olivia: For God's sake, Alex, I followed the law.
Cabot: And it got her killed!
Olivia: You cannot be serious.
Alexandra Cabot: That man belonged in prison.
Olivia: This is America, Alex. You can't lock someone up without proof.

Olivia: [to Cabot] You know, today, on the I was on the subway platform, and I saw these two cockroaches, and they were pulling at different ends of a crust of bread. And then the bread tore, and it fell onto the tracks, and and neither bug got their dinner.
Cabot: Are you proposing we work together?
Olivia: I could never do what you do, Alex.

Background Information and Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This marks the first appearance of ADA Alexandra Cabot since Season 13.

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