"Surrender Benson"
SVU, Episode 15.01
Production number: 15001
First aired (US): 25 September 2013
First aired (UK): 20 October 2013
First aired (CAN): 25 September 2013
First aired (AUS): 3 October 2013
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Written By
Julie Martin & Warren Leight

Directed By
Michael Smith

Detective Benson fights for her life in the dramatic season premiere.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Hours turn into days, and with no word from Detective Benson, the SVU squad takes drastic measures to find her and her abductor. A trail of murders and rape victims leads them to fear it may be too late.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The season premiere continues from the end of last season's finale where William Lewis is shown inside Olivia's apartment, holding her at gunpoint.

The episode opens with a bloody and bruised Olivia being tied to a chair. Olivia tries to convince Lewis to leave, but he refuses. Lewis taunts her, saying that nobody will save her.

Back at the SVU precinct, Cassidy asks the detectives if they've heard from Olivia. The detectives get suspicious and send Rollins and Fin to Olivia's apartment. They are shocked when they discover the apartment in disarray and Olivia missing.

When the detectives pull Vanessa, Lewis' defense attorney girlfriend, out of court to talk to her, Vanessa says that she and Lewis spent the day together with her family.

When the police search her parents' house, Vanessa's father is found murdered and her mother is found hanging from a closet. In the ambulance, the mother reveals that Lewis raped her and forced Olivia to watch. Meanwhile while Lewis is driving, a rookie police officer stops him for running a light, but Lewis shoots him to death.

Olivia and Lewis are shown at a remote beach house where Olivia is cuffed to an iron frame bed. Olivia tries to seduce him in order to survive, but Lewis doesn't fall for it. Just as he is about to assault her, a maid and her young daughter arrive at the house and Lewis forces them inside.

Olivia is able to free herself from the bed and fights with Lewis over the gun. She is able to subdue him with an iron bar. She tells the maid and her daughter to leave the house.

Lewis is later shown cuffed and unconscious. Olivia speaks out loud about what she should do to him. Lewis regains consciousness and reveals details about his childhood. He taunts Olivia which angers her and she ends up beating him with the pole. Olivia is rescued by the detectives and surprisingly, Lewis survived his injuries.

Back at the precinct, Cragen assures Olivia that she is a hero. Olivia ends up going with Cassidy to his apartment. She is later shown cutting her hair short and talking with a therapist about what happened.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Olivia (to William Lewis): My partner, my squad, the entire department will hunt you down. You think that you've put people through hell? It will rain back down on you.
William Lewis: You know what? Let it rain.

Olivia (to William Lewis): My old partner he'd know what to do. He wouldn't question himself after what you've done. He would kick your teeth in, break your legs, break your arms, break your back, break your face.

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • Starting with this episode, Raúl Esparza has been elevated to series regular.
  • Olivia's old partner Elliot Stabler is mentioned in the episode several times.
    • Pablo Schreiber had previously guest-starred in the episode "Haystack" as Dan Kozlowski, sharing many scenes with Christopher Meloni's Elliot Stabler.

Episode scene cards[edit | edit source]

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Apartment of
Detective Olivia Benson
203 West 89th Street
Thursday, May 23

Arraignment Court
Part 15
Thursday, May 23

Yaphank Hardware
485 Main Street
Yaphank, New York
Friday, May 24

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"Surrender Benson"
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