Law and Order
SVU, Episode 3.17
Production number: E2328
First aired: 8 March 2002
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Written By
Jeff Eckerle

Directed By
Steve Shill

The investigation of an attack on a musician in her apartment reveals the existence of cameras hidden there for someone to watch her.


Cassie Germaine, a young, attractive cellist, is attacked in her apartment. At first, the detectives believe her orchestra conductor is responsible, but they soon discover that her apartment is surrounded with hidden cameras installed by a stalker that has been obsessed with her for years.


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  • 9/11
  • Manhattan Symphony


"Found a message for Cassie."
"Looks like it's written in blood."
"Whose blood?"

- John Munch, Odafin Tutuola and Olivia Benson

(to Prescott) "Because she told you to get lost."
"Yeah, and we know how well you take rejection."

- Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler

"Thought a newscaster was sending signals through the television to him."
"What happened?"
"He followed her home one night, she told him to get lost and he shot her."

- Elliot Stabler and Odafin Tutuola

"If I wanted to go crawling in dark, smelly places I would have joined the Department of Sanitation."

- Odafin Tutuola

"He may believe he's in a relationship that doesn't even exist."
"Sounds like me with my four ex-wives."

- Dr. George Huang and John Munch

"He, uh, really seems to favor that one position."
"Least he's consistent."
"Boring, I think, is the word you're looking for."

- Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler

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St. Bernadette's Hospital
195 Amsterdam Avenue
Tuesday, February 26

New York School of Music
409 West 57th Street
Wednesday, February 27

Apartment of
Robert Prescott
49 West 67th Street
Wednesday, February 27

262 West 65th Street
Thursday, February 28

5 6 7

236 West 64th Street
Thursday, February 28

Concert Hall
2285 Broadway
Friday, March 1

Joe's Internet Café
2356 Broadway
Saturday, March 2

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