SVU, Episode 9.06
Production number: 9006
First aired: 6 November 2007
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Lake Stabler Svengali
Written By
Kam Miller

Directed By
David Platt


A college student, Tina Snow, is found murdered in an attack that bears the hallmarks of infamous serial killer Robert Morten. Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate Morten and discover his loyal following, which includes a man whose comic books glorify Morten's murders. When Cecilia, who was the last person to have seen the victim alive, goes missing, the detectives are pressed to save her life. Benson also finds herself in danger when the investigation angers Morten's followers.


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Tutuola: Okay, well, there's got to be hundreds of miles of tunnels. Any idea which ones are full of schist?
O'Halloran: They're all full of schist.

Olivia Benson: Why get her drunk, slip her a roofie, and not rape her?
Fin Tutuola: Maybe he couldn't rise to the occasion.

Olivia Benson: You mutilated women.
Robert Morten: There's beauty in everyone. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find it.

It's double pepperoni. It's gonna kill ya.

–Odafin Tutuola. Lake tosses the pizza box on a desk, which explodes

Donald Cragen: How're your ear?
Odafin Tutuola: I got two. Bomb squad it was a pipe bomb made out of PVC and black powder.
Donald Cragen: Lightweight but deadly.
Odafin Tutuola: Yeah, except the dumbass didn't seat the blasting cap just right.
Elliot Stabler: Captain of the Bomb Squad's gonna do a floor-by-floor. Gonna take at least an hour.
Donald Cragen: That's great. Where are you going?
Odafin Tutuola: Somebody try to bust my eardrums, I'm gonna bust they ass!

Elliot Stabler: Hey, do me a favor. Call Liv. Give her an update. I have to go home. My pregnant wife is looking for peanut butter and tacos.
Chester Lake: Dude, say no more.

At first blush, you might think this is unique. But it--it lacks understanding...Depth...With the human canvas, you have the opportunity to do true action painting. Where's the energy? Where's the spatter? This is lifeless dreck. A cheap knock-off of my work. Who did a talentless hack.

–Robert Morten on Cecilia's work

Casey Novak: Well, you were great.
Robert Morten: Did you like it? Bet you didn't know what was gonna happen next.
Casey Novak: You put on quite a show. You got her off, she's going to a psych ward.
Robert Morten: Is that a frown on your pretty face?
Casey Novak: Actually, I think Cecilia is going exactly where she belongs. So are you.
Robert Morten: Heh. You're backing out on the deal.
Casey Novak: No, you're being transferred to a federal prison.
Robert Morten: I thought you'd be a sore loser.
Casey Novak: You're gonna love Florence Super Max. 23-hour lockdown, no visitors, no mail, no phone calls. No human contact for the rest of your life.
Robert Morten: You can't do that to me.
Casey Novak: Why don't you wave bye to all of your fans?
Robert Morten: But you made a deal.
Casey Novak: And it's a masterpiece. How do you like my work?

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Apartment of
Tina Snow
412 East 53rd Street
Monday, October 15

New York Subway Tunnels
Monday, October 15

Mata Hari Bar
187 East 47th Street
Monday, October 15

Sing Sing
Correctional Facility
Ossining, New York Tuesday, October 16

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Apartment of
Harrison Thomas
580 West 44th Street
Tuesday, October 16

Apartment of
Cecilia Strayer
216 East 40th Street
Tuesday, October 16

Trial Part 38
Tuesday, October 23

Trial Part 38
Wednesday, October 24

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