Law and Order
"Swept Away -
A Very Special Episode"
L&O, Episode 11.15
Production number: E1319
First aired: 28 February 2001
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Written By
William M. Finkelstein

Directed By
James Quinn


The detectives investigate the death of one of the cast members of a reality TV show.


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Recurring cast

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Mr. Kaufman: You can't arrest us, we have a show to finish.
Lennie Briscoe: Consider yourself cancelled.
How long are you gonna stick with that story, Gavin? 'Cause I'm just trying to plan my day here.

–Lennie Briscoe

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Episode scene cards

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Kaufman Television
106 Hudson Street
Tuesday, February 22

27th Precinct
Interrogation Room
Wednesday, March 1

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Tuesday, March 21

4 5 6

Consolidated Broadcasting
49 West 52nd Street
Wednesday, April 5

Supreme Court
Trial Part 71
Monday, April 24

Supreme Court
Trial Part 71
Wednesday, April 26

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"Swept Away - A Very Special Episode"
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Season 11
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