L&O, Episode 5.22
Production number: 69425
First aired: 17 May 1995
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Kincaid Switch
Written By
Jeremy R. Littman & Sibyl Gardner

Directed By
Christopher Misiano


Suspects in the murder of a psychiatrist include a patient with multiple-personality disorder.


Main cast

Recurring cast

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'My wife's drunk. She slipped down the stairs'. Haven't you heard that before?

–Jack McCoy about Carol Nelson's death.

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Episode scene cards

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Zeke's Diner
407 Second Ave
Wednesday, March 9

Office of
Scott Hampton
306 Central Avenue
Wednesday, March 9

Office of
Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
Thursday, March 17

Apartment of
Frank Nelson
767 Park Avenue
Tuesday, March 22

5 6 7 8

27th Precinct
Observation Room
Friday, April 1

Office of
Charles Webb, Ph.D.
62 E. 86th Street
Thursday, April 14

Royalton Insurance CO.
117 Williams Street
Friday, April 22

Supreme Court
Trial Part 63
Psychiatric Hearing
Tuesday, May 10

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"Purple Heart"
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Season 5
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