T. Schuyler
Judge Schuyler
Name T. Schuyler
Occupation Judge
Status Deceased
Actor John Rubinstein
First Appearance "Raw"

T. Schuyler was a judge in the New York State Supreme Court.


Schuyler may have had a long run in his career, in which he tried many important cases. However, he is best remembered primarily as the judge in People v. Brannon Lee Redding and People v. Brian Ackerman, both of which concerned a shooting at P.S. 74 that killed Jeffrey Whitlock and injured Annabelle Paoletti and Danny Koehler. In the Redding trial, he was outraged that the Manhattan District Attorney's Office had cut a deal to give Redding reduced jail time in exchange for testimony against Ackerman and thus nullified the deal, telling Redding that his sentence would be so long that his parole officer's parents were yet to be born.

Tragically, Schuyler was killed in the subsequent Ackerman trial when, during testimony by Redding, the defendant's son, Kyle Ackerman, and a friend, Christopher Rawlings, went on a shooting rampage in the courtroom, killing Redding and Schuyler, as well as wounding Detectives Elliot Stabler and John Munch, before being killed by Stabler and FBI Agent Dana Lewis. (SVU: "Raw")

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