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The first and only season of Law & Order: Trial by Jury premiered on March 3, 2005 and concluded on January 21, 2006. On May 16, 2005, the series was cancelled. Despite there being 13 episodes in the season, only 12 episodes aired on NBC, with the series finale airing on TruTv, which was called Court TV at the time of its airing. This season aired alongside season fifteen of Law & Order, season six of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and season four of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.


Main Cast

Image Character Title Actor
Neuwirth icon.jpg Tracey Kibre Bureau Chief
Assistant District Attorney
Bebe Neuwirth
Carlson icon.jpg Kelly Gaffney Deputy Bureau Chief
Assistant District Attorney
Amy Carlson
Acevedo icon.jpg Hector Salazar District Attorney Investigator Kirk Acevedo
Cohen icon.jpg Chris Ravell (1.05-1.13) N.Y.P.D. Detective Scott Cohen
Thompson icon.jpg Arthur Branch Manhattan District Attorney Fred Dalton Thompson
Orbach tbj icon.jpg Lennie Briscoe (1.01-1.02) District Attorney Investigator Jerry Orbach

Crossover Guest Stars

Image Character Title Actor
Farina icon.jpg
Joe Fontana Detective (Senior Officer) Dennis Farina
Martin icon.jpg
Ed Green Detective (Junior Officer) Jesse L. Martin
Merkerson icon.jpg
Anita Van Buren Lieutenant (Police Commanding Officer) S. Epatha Merkerson
Meloni icon.jpg
Elliot Stabler Detective (Senior Officer) Christopher Meloni
Hargitay icon.jpg
Olivia Benson Detective (Junior Officer) Mariska Hargitay
Belzer icon.jpg
John Munch Detective (Senior Officer) Richard Belzer
Untitled1.png Casey Novak Assistant District Attorney Diane Neal
Waterston icon.jpg
Jack McCoy Executive ADA Sam Waterston
Jamie Ross Trial Judge Carey Lowell
Tunie icon.jpg
Melinda Warner Medical examiner Tamara Tunie
McCormickSeason4.jpg Elizabeth "Liz" Olivet Psychologist Carolyn McCormick

List of Episodes

Image Episode # Title Production # Original Airdate
Tbj0101.jpg 1.01 (#1) The Abominable Showman E5701 3 March 2005
Tbj0102.jpg 1.02 (#2) 41 Shots E5707 4 March 2005
Tbj0103.jpg 1.03 (#3) Vigilante E5712 11 March 2005
Tbj0104.jpg 1.04 (#4) Truth or Consequences E5703 18 March 2005
Tbj0105.jpg 1.05 (#5) Baby Boom E5704 15 March 2005
Tbj0106.jpg 1.06 (#6) Pattern of Conduct E5710 1 April 2005
Tbj0107.jpg 1.07 (#7) Bang & Blame E5711 8 April 2005
Tbj0108.jpg 1.08 (#8) Skeleton E5716 15 April 2005
Tbj0109.jpg 1.09 (#9) The Line E5714 22 April 2005
Tbj0110.jpg 1.10 (#10) Blue Wall E5713 29 April 2005
Tbj0111.jpg 1.11 (#11) Day E5715 3 May 2005
Tbj0112.jpg 1.12 (#12) Boys Will Be Boys E5706 6 May 2005
Tbj0113.jpg 1.13 (#13) Eros in the Upper Eighties E5705 21 January 2006

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