Trivia section

I have started this section to encourage discussion of this matter. 31dot (talk) 08:56, May 15, 2017 (UTC)

Thank you. Regarding the conviction rate trivia, I can see it was first added in 2013 by an anonymous user without any source given. However, we know that Novak has a conviction rate of 71% because it was stated in season 8 episode Haystack. Have any other ADAs had their conviction rate made public, and if so, are any of them higher than Novak's? I think that's the only way to discern whether or not this is a valid piece of trivia that should be included. If ADA conviction rates are not often discussed in the Law & Order universe, and thus there isn't any information to conclude this either way, perhaps the trivia can be reworded to something along the lines of: "Novak's success rate in cases she prosecutes is 71%, whereas the average for prosecutors is 44%." This is listed on Wikipedia with Haystack given as the source.
As for the other trivia pieces, considering that this is a trivia section, I don't believe they should be removed provided that they are legitimate and can be backed up by a source. I'd particularly like to draw attention to the following, which I think should either be given a source or removed:
"Actress Diane Neal remarked on Twitter that there was sexual tension between Casey and Detective Benson."
"She is possibly of Slovak descent." (This could even be moved to her biography if evidenced.)
There are also several pieces of trivia that should be or already are (and thus unnecessarily repeated in the trivia section) part of her biography, including her faith, details of her birth, and her censure. Finally, there are pieces of trivia that I feel should be removed entirely because they are just events that have happened in the series, such as the tension between her and Benson in season 13, the case revolving around her return, and her appearance in Trial by Jury.--YamiWheeler (talk) 09:23, May 15, 2017 (UTC)