"Talking Points"
L&O, Episode 17.13
Production number: 17013
First aired: 2 February 2007
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Wendy Forman
Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin

Directed By
Matthew Penn


When a young college student is killed during a failed hit on a deeply polarizing media pundit, the detectives learn that the shooter is suffering from Parkinson's.


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Jason Miles; Grammercy College; Marbury Foundation; Russell Labs; Israel


Judith Barlow: I've got a ten-year-old niece who can't even tell you who the vice president is, but she can sure as hell put a condom on a banana in two seconds flat.
Ed Green: Yeah, the whole world's going to hell. That's a damn shame. You know what else is a damn shame? There's a dead kid ten feet away from you and you're --
Judith Barlow: Well, that wouldn't have happened if Rudy still ran the city.
Ed Green: (motions to another officer, and then points at two suspects) Officer, take those two in. (points at Barlow) Take her, too.
(Cassady and Green start walking away)
Ed Green: (under his breath) No wonder they call her 'the most hated bitch in America.'
Nina Cassady: You mean woman, right?
Ed Green: No, I mean bitch.

(on the college where she was invited to speak)
Judith Barlow: I think they had a tea party for Hugo Chavez here last month, and a parade for Cindy Sheehan.

(After Barlow personally hands Green her phone number)
Nina Cassady: Looks like someone's a little sweet on Eddie.
Ed Green: I'd rather have a root canal.

Judith Barlow: So what happens next, Detective Panty-Line gives him a mani-pedi and a massage?
Anita Van Buren: What is your problem with female officers?
Judith Barlow: Nothing personal, but last year down in Atlanta, that animal wrestles a gun from a female guard and shoots both her and the judge. I doubt that would have happened if the guard shaved every morning before work, and I don't mean under his pits.
Anita Van Buren: Do you talk like this in public?
Judith Barlow: I like you. This is me being polite.

Judith Barlow: Once again, words fail the Intellectual Left!

Arthur Branch: If they put you on the stand, Yates will only be found guilty of being a lousy shot.

Judith Barlow: People love me.
Arthur Branch: I'm sure some people love spiders, too.
Judith Barlow: They eat flies, don't they?
Arthur Branch: And we know what flies eat.

Judith Barlow: I have four bestsellers out. How many does Antonin Scalia have?
Arthur Branch: You also look better in a cocktail dress.

Jack McCoy: Did you try to kill Judith Barlow
Malcolm Yates: She said that the value of the life of a fetus has the same value as my life. I am more important than cells on a petri dish!
Jack McCoy: So was your friend Jason Miles. And, like it or not, so is Judith Barlowe.

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Dorm Room of
Kirsten Paley
Grammercy College
Saturday, November 12

Campus Chapel
Grammercy College
Saturday, November 12

Biology Department
Grammercy College
Monday, November 14

Apartment of
Malcolm Yates
125 East 19th Street
Monday, November 14

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Technical Assistance
Response Unit (TARU)
Wednesday, January 11

Marbury Foundation
1299 Avenue Of The
Wednesday, January 11

Criminal Courts
Monday, January 16

Supreme Court
Trial Part 12
Tuesday, January 31

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