L&O, Episode 18.10
Production number: 18013
First aired: 27 February 2008
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Green Tango
Written By
Stephanie Sengupta

Directed By
Dean White


Clues in the murder of a high-school girl point to a prostitute and her partner, and a war of words ensues as each accuses the other of the crime. Later, Connie deals with a staunch admirer present in the jury pool.


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125th Street; Meth


Connie Rubirosa: When were you planning on telling me?
Michael Cutter: That a man finds you attractive? It's a fairly common occurrance, Connie.

Jurors are people. So are prosecutors. They have reactions. We could put you in a Burqa. Or have robots try cases. Until then, we use what we have.

–Jack McCoy

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Rosebarnes Hotel
791 East 138th Street
Monday, November 26

Residence of
Doug and Valerie
Monday,November 26

Safe Today
Women's Shelter
182 East 125th Street
Wednesday, December 5

Office of
Bronx District Attorney
Juan Delgado
Thursday, December 6

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Supreme Court
Trial Part 43
Tuesday, January 22

Supreme Court
Trial Part 43
Wednesday, January 23

Supreme Court
Trial Part 43
Friday, January 25

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