Ted Bruno
Name Ted Bruno
Affiliation Congressman Peter Bellingham
Occupation Driver
Pathology Murderer
Status Imprisoned
Actor James Biberi
First Appearance "Wasichu"

Ted Bruno is one of corrupt congressman Peter Bellingham's underlings, who killed Secret Service Agent Paula Kendall while doing Bellingham's dirty work.


A former narcotics cop, he was later hired as a full time driver for Bellingham. The Congressman tasked Bruno into luring Paula out of her house and search for possible evidence that Bellingham was being investigated for corruption. However when Paula returned home early, Bruno killed her.

After Bruno was arrested, Bellingham sought his release by producing a fake alibi. Bruno was released, but only as part of Logan and Barek's plan to have Bellingham's accomplice (and Paula's widower) Jay Kendall incriminate the congressman on tape. Bruno was then re-arrested along with Bellingham and Kendall. (L&O: "Wasichu")

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