Ted Parker
Ted Parker.jpg
Name Ted Parker
Title Detective (retired)
Affiliation NYPD (retired)
Precinct 33rd Precinct
Occupation Corporate security officer
Police officer (retired)
Pathology Proxy murderer
Family Unnamed ex-wife
Kevin Parker (son)
Status Unknown
Actor Robert Hogan
First Appearance "Kids"

Ted Parker is a former officer of the NYPD. He had formerly partnered with Lennie Briscoe in the 33rd Precinct.

Background[edit | edit source]

In 1988, Ted worked with Briscoe at the 33rd Precinct until he retired and took a job working for a brokerage firm. When his wife left him, he put his son Kevin in a Catholic private school to keep him safe as he worked long hours.

Kids[edit | edit source]

In 1994, when Kevin murdered an innocent boy named Angel Ramirez while trying to kill a gun dealer named Juan Domingo, Briscoe gets the case. When they eventually pick up Kevin for the murder, Ted comes by the 27th Precinct to try and persuade Briscoe to let his son go. Briscoe does not allow it, and eventually, Ted agrees to let Kevin do a lineup, but only at the 33rd Precinct. Kevin is picked out by a witness and is subsequently arrested.

Ted then hires a defense attorney for his son and attends the trial and later meets with EADA Stone and ADA Kincaid in an attempt to arrange a deal. He argues that Kevin committed the killing in self-defense, but neither Stone or Kincaid are convinced. He later arranges for two prosecutorial witnesses to be dismissed and finds a loophole that suppresses the original witness's lineup identification. After that, Ted arranges for Domingo to be murdered by his colleagues at the 33rd Precinct. The jury reaches a hung verdict and Kevin is acquitted, although he is shocked that his father ordered a murder. Ted later meets Briscoe in a park and asks him what he would do if it was his child. Briscoe replies that he does not know, but reminds him there is no statute of limitations on murder and leaves.

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