Teddy Courtney
Name Teddy Courtney
Family Barbara Fletcher (mother)
Unnamed father
Erin Lindsay (half-sister)
Status Alive
Actor Lou Taylor Pucci
First Appearance "Chicago Crossover"

Teddy Courtney is the brother of former Chicago Police Department detective Erin Lindsay.


When Teddy was a boy, he was a victim of Bob Clinton's child pornography ring. The trauma left him making poor choices later in life, which ultimately led to him living on the streets. Eventually, while trying to locate a boy named Henry, who was the latest victim of Clinton's pornography ring, Lindsay noticed Teddy in one of the pictures distributed by the ring.

Teddy was taken to the Special Victims Unit precinct but was reluctant to work with them, acting hostile towards the detectives. However, upon seeing a distressed and scared Henry being groomed by Clinton on video, Teddy decided to help identify Clinton. (SVU: "Chicago Crossover")

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