Teddy Winnock
Name Teddy Winnock
Occupation Student
Pathology Child pornographer
Child molester
Family George Hensal (father)
Unnamed mother
Jake Winnock (brother)
Unnamed aunt
Status Undergoing counseling
Actor Connor Paolo
First Appearance "Web"

Teddy Winnock is a teenager who runs a child pornography website called "Teddy's Treehouse".


When he was eight years old, Teddy was molested by his father, George Hensal, who manipulated him into believing that the abuse was an expression of love. By the age of sixteen, he began filming himself performing sexual acts and broadcasting it over the web for a customer base of adult men.


SVU detectives discover Teddy's website after they arrest him for molesting his younger brother, Jake. He says that he has not done anything wrong, that he was showing his brother that he loved him, and that he is an entrepreneur who can do as he likes with his own body. Detectives Benson and Stabler and Dr. George Huang believe that Teddy can still be helped, and advocate for him to be charged as a minor and get counseling.

ADA Casey Novak, however, threatens to charge him as an adult and put him on the sex offender registry unless he gives up his clients. Teddy refuses, saying that his customers are his friends and he cannot betray their trust. When one of his customers kidnaps and tries to kill him, however, Teddy realizes that they see him only as a sex object, and that he actually hurt his brother, and he subsequently gives up his clients. After some prodding from Benson and Stabler, Novak agrees to charge Teddy as a juvenile on the condition that he gets help. (SVU: "Web")

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