Tensley Evans
Name Tensley Evans
Occupation Actress
Pathology Statutory rapist
Family Donna Evans (mother)
Status Alive
Actor Stevie Lynn Jones
First Appearance "Producer's Backend"

Tensley Evans is a young, washed-up actress who committed statutory rape upon a fifteen-year-old boy, and who was raped by her producer Adam Brubeck as a teenager.


Tensley first came to the attention of the Special Victims Unit when she was arrested by Detective Amaro for disorderly behavior in which she crashed into another woman's vehicle. She claimed Amaro asked her for sexual favors in exchange for leniency, which led the SVU to intervene on Amaro's behalf. During the investigation, they found out that Tensley had consensual sex with a fifteen-year-old boy at the rehab center she attended and were forced to arrest her for statutory rape.

Afterwards, Tensley was interviewed by Dr. Emily Sopher, who came to strongly believe Tensley herself had been raped. At Sopher's recommendation, the SVU looked into Tensley's history, and she soon revealed that she had been raped by Brubeck. As the investigation progressed, Tensley locked herself in the bathroom in distress and slit her wrists but was saved by Sergeant Benson. After recovering, Tensley told Benson in a mental ward that Brubeck had indeed raped her and murdered her friend, another actress named Amber Forbes.

Following Brubeck's imprisonment, Tensley spoke on a morning news show about her rape and revealed she had been sentenced to community service as a result of the statutory rape charge. She then said she was going to change her behavior and star in a new movie. (SVU: "Producer's Backend")

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