Terri Driver
Name Terri Driver
Title Assistant District Attorney
Affiliation Queens District Attorney's Office
Occupation Attorney
Pathology Corrupt ADA
Status Alive
Actor Leslie Hope
First Appearance "Neighborhood Watch"
Last Appearance "Last Rites"

Teresa "Terri" Driver is a corrupt ADA in the Queens District Attorney's Office, and Mike Logan's nemesis.


Driver and Logan first cross paths when he and his partner Megan Wheeler question her about the murder of Kyle Jones, a sex offender she had prosecuted years earlier for the statutory rape of a 15-year-old girl. Logan finds inconsistencies in her case against Moss, and eventually learns that Driver had suppressed evidence to ensure Jones was convicted of second-degree rape when he was only guilty of third-degree rape. When Logan and Wheeler catch the killer, Driver holds a press conference taking credit for the arrest. (CI: "Neighborhood Watch")

Driver decides to run for Attorney General, running on the strength of her high conviction rate. She especially highlights her successful prosecution of Randy Nichols for three murders 16 years earlier. Logan starts investigating Driver's prosecution of Nichols after a priest, Father Shea, tells him that a dying man had confessed to the crimes while receiving the last rites. Logan and Wheeler eventually find out that Nichols is innocent, and that the real killer was a man named Peter Bottner. Driver tried to silence the priest by having an inmate, Wayne Chatlet, try to kill him, but Father Shea survives. Nichols is exonerated and set free. Humiliated, Driver retaliates against Logan by having Wheeler's fiancee, Colin Ledger, arrested for fraud. Logan is so shaken and disgusted by the case that he decides to quit the police force. (CI: "Last Rites")