"The Corporate Veil"
L&O, Episode 3.04
Production number: 68007
First aired: 14 October 1992
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Stone Richard Berkley The Corporate Veil
Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin & Joe Morgenstern

Directed By
Don Scardino

The death of a teenage boy leads to a company that manufactures faulty pacemakers.


An 18-year-old man dies of a heart attack while wearing a pacemaker. The DA's office charges that a medical supplier, Roger Cleary, knowingly sold corroded pacemakers and is responsible for his death.

In the end, Cleary's wife and son agree to testify against him. The verdict is not shown, but Stone and Robinette are convinced he will be convicted and sentenced to life in prison.


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Mike Logan: Well, he claims the surgery on Roberto Martinez was unnecessary.
Dr. Hellems: I didn't know they taught supraventricular tachycardia in law school.

A corporation that's not getting sued? There goes my faith in America.

–Mike Logan

Phil Cerreta: This pacemaker had a life of five years. That first cardiologist, Dr. Stark said it was in Mrs. Barnett for three years.
Mike Logan: That's right. When Hellems said that when he implanted it in Roberto, it had three years left until expiration.
Phil Ceretta: How's your arithmetic?
Mike Logan: I know that three plus three equals Murder Two.

When I was a kid, I used to look up at buildings like this, and dream about meeting a prince, and living in a penthouse. My prince showed up, Mr. Robinette. His name was BioNorm. I’m sorry, but there is no way that I’m going to turn back into being a frog.

–Lorraine Schwab

Benjamin Stone: Man's creativity expands proportionately to his greed.
Paul Robinette: Stone’s Law?
Benjamin Stone: No one ever went Chapter 11 scamming his neighbor out of a buck. Used pacemakers. God forgive us.
Paul Robinette: And an attorney’s creativity expands geometrically to the heinousness of his client’s crime. Adler’s moving to quash the indictment. Says we failed to present evidence of causation.
Benjamin Stone: I like my law better than yours.

Paul Robinette: Your father died and you didn't care why?
Lorraine Schwab: My dad was no hero, okay? The best thing he ever did was to die with one of those gizmos attached to his ticker. I don’t know about you, but I like Park Avenue, a hell of a lot more than Canarsie. One day a man from BioNorm shows up, offers me a quarter of a million dollars. I settle faster than you can say 'gold card'.

Richard Berkley: This isn't even your party, Ben. This is a corporate matter. We should be in civil court.
Benjamin Stone: When seven people end up dead, Richard, I send out engraved invitations.

Roger Cleary: All right, Mr. Stone. I'm a businessman. I've made deals before. What are you offering?
Benjamin Stone: I'm not a businessman, Mr. Cleary. I'm offering you nothing.

Benjamin Stone: What gets me is that he almost convinced his son to do fifteen years for manslaughter.
Paul Robinette: He must given him a lesson on family values.

Background information and notes

Washington Square Arch Corporate Veil

The Washington Square Arch

  • The opening of this episode was filmed in Washington Square Park in Manhattan.
  • Goof: Sully Boyar is credited as "Judge Frabrikant" but the nameplate shown lists his character's name as "Harvey Sirkin".

Episode scene cards

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Home Of
Mrs. Rosa Martinez
305 Thompson Street
Tuesday, April 14

BioNorm Industries
563 10th Avenue
Tuesday, April 14

Chambers Of
Judge Eric Bertram
Thursday, May 21

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232 Park Avenue
Monday, June 8

Supreme Court
Trial Part 53
Wednesday, June 24

Supreme Court
Trial Part 47
Wednesday, August 1

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