Dr. Huang explains the logos of "The Coventry" to the rest of the Special Victims Unit.

The Coventry is a supposed organization that avenges pedophiles against victims who dare to name them to the police. Its name is invoked by pedophiles to silence their victims; if the victim threatens to go to the police or tell their parents, the pedophile claims that if the victim talks, the Coventry will kill them and their family. The victims - scared, impressionable children - almost always believe it.

In reality, the Coventry appears to consist only of Orville Underwood, Eldon Balogh, and Daniel Brooks, and is described as little more than "a bogeyman." Brooks is currently in Rikers for producing child pornography, while Balogh was killed in prison shortly after being arrested for raping Larissa Welsh, and Underwood was killed by Welsh herself. (SVU: "Possessed")

Background information

  • The Coventry may have been inspired by the "Slave Company", a bogeyman invoked by rapist Cameron Hooker to dissuade his victim, Coleen Stan, from running away after he kidnapped her in 1977. His stories about the supposed brutality of the Company were so effective that she remained his sex slave for 7 years.
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